WoW Classic TBC Hunter Guide

WoW Classic TBC Hunter Guide

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Hunters are one of the most powerful classes in WoW Classic TBC and an amazing choice for anyone looking for a strong solo class with lots of ranged damage and versatility. They excel in both single-target & AoE fights due to their powerful spells, and they can provide solid utility with traps.



Hunter has a real reputation for high performance, mainly for one special reason. Compared to WoW Classic, it really feels like a whole different Hunter. Here WillE will introduce Hunter's New Features, Leveling, PvE, and PvP. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.



New Features

Firstly, we have a new selection of pets to tame throughout the outland. WoW Classic's existing mechanics, such as pet happiness, loyalty training points, feeding, and learning new pet skills, are still featured in TBC Classic.


Hunter needs to carry ammo for its ranged weapon, and it takes up a bag slot. Hunter's dead zone will finally die. However, a ranged attack has a minimum range, so just for the sake of clarity in Classic WoW, your ranged attack has a minimum range of eight yards. Melee has a max range of five yards, so if your position is in six to seven yards range, Hunter can only hit you with a very small selection of abilities, and it doesn't have to arrange requirements, such as Scatter Shot in TBC. Your ranged attack has a minimum range of five yards, so you are always able to either hit melee or ranged target, which makes an unbelievably huge influence.


wow tbc hunter


Secondly, traps can be used in combat, freeing up vain death or other uses. Though Freezing Trap has a two-second time before it blasts, and all traps still share a cooldown. All pets will receive a percentage of their master's armor spell damage.


Spell Resistance is attack power and stamina, so your pet scales up as you get stronger. This is very important for Hunter. All pets have Avoidance ability, which makes them sturdier when they encounter bosses.



Hunter is still a really good trend with a pet class. The Aspect of the Viper is super nice, and you can pick it up at level 64. You definitely want to head back to your faction capital to get this as soon as you can. There are no class trainers in Shattrath, so go back to Classic WoW, you'll be able to use your abilities. In general, you can send the pet into the game, auto-attack target, repeat mana cost, so your pet can get some of your stats.


Hunter is going to be an illiterate god in the early game, so in dungeons or solo, you're going to be moving down content. You can play it in a later expansion and deck out in Heirloom Hunter. With less downtime, it is going to be a pretty PvE. If you want to level up fast, you can also buy WoW Classic TBC gold to strengthen your weapons after TBC releases.


wow tbc hunter-1


PvE Overview

Hunter and Warlock are consistently top performers for the entire expansion since they are the top 2 in TBC DPS rankings. Here you can click this guide to learn how to choose the best DPS classes.


We are going to bring the infamous button Macro. In TBC, you can choose a middle of the pack – Hunter DPS and press the Macro, and Hunter will go straight up to the near top DPS. It looks a little bit complicated, but the idea is pretty simple though this mechanic already exists in WoW Classic, and Hunters have to play around with it to optimize their damage, so upon using a shot ability, WeaponSwingTimer for your ranged attack will be reset. It means that you should wait till your auto-attack goes off before using an ability, also throwing Kill Command away for some extra damage.


It's a pet class, and your pet is going to be alive and do damage, or your performance will suffer massively, so you should convince the healers to put pets on their bars, heal and rebuff them.


PvE - Beast Mastery

The pet has changed to be a healer instead of a channeled effect. We need to keep that pet alive. Giving your pet a mini restorative potion effect and thus reducing the reliance on healers is always good.


wow tbc hunter-2


Focus Fire is Beast Mastery's ability, learned at level 32. It consumes the hunter pet's   [Frenzy], stacking to restore Focus to the pet and increase haste for 20 sec.


Serpent's Swiftness is a Hunter pet ability that serpents can use. Solid Serpent's Swiftness 20 attack speed on your pet, which is great at keeping freezing up.


PvE - Survival

There is another Hunter spec – Survival. It is a viable Hunter spec at level 60 for PvE but is far worse than Beast Mastery for leveling. For dungeons, it can be good since you are not relying on your pet to tank, but your pet will be doing a large portion of your damage while leveling due to a lack of real stats.


PvP - Beast Mastery

If you choose Beast Mastery in PvP, it should be a lot of fun and looks pretty much the same as the PvE build. You can move a few points around for defense, but you will get 18 seconds of crowd control immunity, so there's plenty of time to blast someone and add the Shaman on top of that with Heroism or Bloodlust. Most players will choose Hunter in PvP.



We'd say they do improve in Hunter. Its PvE is hugely good with scaling issues gone. It's just the format of PvP change from big open spaces to arenas and pillars, but that doesn't suit the Hunter. It's not going to be a play style for everyone, so choose wisely.

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