Tips to level by professions in Elder Scroll Online

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Grinding is definitely a very quick and effective way (probably the fastest way) to level in ESO but it can be very boring. You will locate areas that contain large amounts of enemies (mobs) that will respawn relatively quickly after being killed, then you kill them again, and so on! So basically you will find the best path to run around and continuously zap mobs for experience points which allow you to level very fast. A good leveling guide will map out all the best grinding spots in each zone of the game.

Delves are similar to dungeons ( just smaller) in the fact that you will find items, skyshards, quests and bosses inside them. Many are easily soloed and do not take much time to explore and get the XP and skill points you want. The larger public dungeons in each zone are the same but also have group challenges that reward tons of XP and skill points. You should be getting these skill points and defeating all bosses in every zone to maximize your XP rewards.

World Bosses will reward you with a large (one time) XP payout. Yes, they can be done again but you will receive just the regular XP for the kill. Now, they are not easy to solo and you’ll want to use knockback skills and a build that is capable of high DPS – and you’ll need to keep other enemies away at the same time. This is where a friend or two comes in very handy.

Dolmens are also a good way to quickly gain XP. You will receive a large amount of XP upon completion for these one-time participation events. You can get in with a group and just use a simple attack or heal and you’ll get the credit once it’s complete! Unless you want to build up Fighters Guild points, don’t bother repeating them – it’s not worth it. Again, you will want a fully optimized leveling build if you’re going to try to solo dolmens. My advice is to let other players know where to come help you and they’ll come help!

Dungeons are very much worth the time for leveling as you’ll get mobs to kill, a quest to complete, exploration and an achievement. You’ll get great XP, a skill point and good rewards and they can be repeated in Veteran Rank level. If you are having a difficult time in a dungeon, get a friend with a higher level and steam thru it to complete the quest and get the skill point. You can also use zone or guild chat to get new people to assist you. I recommend not skipping over the dungeons, you’ll wish you hadn’t once you return as VR.

Completing quests is a great way to gain experience points. You can do the simpler quests along the way but if you’re looking to power level fast, you’ll want to stick with the multi-level quests that have 3 or 4 parts to them. The more involved the quest is, the more XP you will be rewarded for it. The main story quests yield the highest XP rewards as well as the faction story, Fighter’s guild and Mage’s guild quests. They reward huge XP and other rewards and they’re not too difficult to complete. If you’re not trying to level as quickly as possible, do the smaller/easier quests as well since they are fun and you will get some XP for them.

Good old mob killing while questing will add some decent XP as you’re leveling. Always kill enemies along the way while you’re questing to gain extra experience. Try to be sure you’re going after the more difficult mobs and they return a higher amount of XP. Again, you’ll need your build to be optimized for AoE if you want to crush as many as possible at a time. Turning in quests together with exploring and mowing down mobs will deliver good XP as you play ESO.

PvP is undoubtedly lots of fun, however, it’s not a fast way to level up. Taking keeps will reward you, as well as achievements, but it wont happen very fast. You will find lots to do in Cyrodiil including quests, dolmens and delves. You will find several questing spots that can be done on a daily basis – each spot has ten quests that can be done daily so there is opportunity to gain some XP if that’s what you want to do.

Exploring will grant slow XP but it does add up. Make a set of gear using all exploration trait as it will give you more XP if it is equipped. When starting a new zone, use your gear set to run around collecting the quests and ‘finding’ each location. Your XP will add up over time. Again, this is not a very fast way to level.

Coldharbour is a neutral zone and you’ll have to finish all the relevant story quests before you can enter it. As you level up, you’ll continuously get a message from the spirit of ‘Varen’ and he’ll ask you to go with him to the Harborage. Go with him each time and complete the quests he gives you.

You will come across some restrictions on where you are able to go in Elder Scrolls Online based on your level. It’s best to remain in each zone until you reach the max level for that zone before advancing to the next one.

Start with a great leveling build!

This cannot be stressed enough. You must have the best possible leveling build for your character! You must use the best skill rotations at the right times for optimal leveling. This is the single most important thing you can do to help you level fast and efficiently. I highly recommend getting a guide to help and Mastery’s is the best out there.

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