TBC Classic Ultimate Preparation and Launch Guide

TBC Classic Ultimate Preparation and Launch Guide

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Many players have been talking about How to Prepare TBC Classic recently. For some players, this could be as simple as having enough Classic TBC Gold for Epic mount flying, but for others, this is not simple. If you are looking for some tips on TBC Classic preparation, this guide is for you. Here F2FGOLD would like to share TBC Classic Ultimate Preparation and Launch Guide with you. All the content of this article is quoted from this player - MadSeasonShow's video.




1. To Buy Leveling Gear Now

If you plan on leveling your characters, you should stock up on good BoE items now since Dungeon leveling will take over the game. Low-level blues and purples items are at an all-time low now. Area of Effect (AoE) cap will be introduced when Classic TBC pre-patch releases.  I think it will damage quite a bit since everybody is still capping at level 60. If you choose these races (Draenei and Blood Elves), you should go outside to explore the world, which will increase the demand for these low-level BoE items after Launch. If you choose a Shaman, you should buy some Leather, and if you choose a Paladin, you should buy some weapons, which will make things easier and save you some money.


2. To Clear Your Bags

Everybody is getting all ready for TBC Classic expansion. They're at the Dark Portal, and they have four inventory slots, so take the time to clear the bags.


tbc classic preparation-1


Now keep the essential items with you. If you're a Warrior, the important consume may be an off-tank set. When you're trying to pick up your quest items, try to travel light unless you want to be destroying items constantly.


3. To Stock Up on Ores/Stones for Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is a new profession coming with the new expansion. If you plan on becoming one, you should stock up on Auras and Gems. If you want to level up fast, you can click this Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide to learn more.


It is a pretty good idea to stock up on Ores/Stones now. I list them here: Copper Bar, Tigerseye or Malachite, Bronze Bar, Shadowgem, Heavy Stone, Moss Agate, Mithril Bar, Citrine, Truesilver Bar, Aquamarine, Flask of Mojo, Thorium Bar, Star Ruby, Large Opal, Azerothian Diamond, and Huge Emerald. You need the gems to level this profession, and you can prospect Ores into gyms, so it's best to stock up on these items now. When everybody starts leveling up Jewelcrafting, which will drive these items' prices up, at that time, you can sell them for higher prices to earn money.


4. To Level Profession Alts

Having Profession Alts can be a fantastic way to earn WoW TBC Classic Gold. A Tailor of level 60 can craft Spellcloth, Primal Mooncloth, and Shadowcloth for quite a pretty penny. Some professions can transmute items into other items once per day or once every few days. For example, an Alchemist of level 60 can transmute Primal Mights that will be in high demand in the coming TBC Classic.


tbc classic preparation-2


Another amazing option for a Profession Alt is https://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/class_druid.gif Druid (Level 70) with Mining and Herbalism. Druid has instant cast flight skill in the Burning Crusade, making them fantastic herbalists and miners out in the open world.


5. To Farm Gold Now

Farming gold is helpful now. We're going to fly in the burning crusade, and we should farm 5000 gold because that's the cost of the Epic flying mount training.


If you can farm around 7000 gold, you would be more comfortable in TBC Classic. When Classic TBC releases, you may have to spend more money on items or armors, so you should start stocking up WoW Classic TBC Gold now.


6. To Have a Plan for Launch

The best advice I can give you here is to have a plan. If you're in an imbalanced PvP server, you won't be able to complete any quests. A lot of people plan on leveling solely through dungeons. Honestly, I think it'll be the fastest way to level up. If you want to go straight into the end game, you can plan on leveling in the world. Some quests are hard to finish, but some quests are easy to finish, so try to complete all the quests you can do.



I hope these tips are helpful for you in your game. Moreover, you can come to F2FGOLD to view more WoW Classic TBC Guides. This website also has fast and cheap WoW Classic Gold For Sale now, so you can Buy WoW Classic Gold to strengthen your weapons.

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