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WoW Classic TBC: Guide to Fast Dungeon Grinding Groups

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Grinding dungeon
has become more and more popular since it's such an easy way to earn rich experience. If you want to grind dungeon fast in WoW TBC Classic, then here are some groups of dungeon grinding to maximize your efficiency and reach level 70!
Spell Cleave
You need 1 Paladin Tank, 3 Mages, and 1 Priest to make this group. The speed at which this group clears trash packs is fast. Paladin Tank rounds up lots of mobs, such as sheepdog. You can put Paladin Tank in a convenient place, and then Mage stacks Frost Nova and beats it down. This method of grinding dungeon is incredibly efficient because Mage can absolutely decimate lots of mobs very quickly. Overall, the rating of this group is S Tier, so it is a good option.
Melee Cleave
This group consists of 4 Warriors and 1 Shaman. It is so powerful because the only thing that really slows it down is Shaman's Mana reserves. Warriors just keep stacking rage, popping Sweeping Strikes, and decimating packs.We are going to cover different types of combinations that can accommodate every class so that you can choose a group that fits you.
Beast Mastery Hunters are one of the most powerful classes in TBC Classic, and they can do excellent damage. How can we get the most out of them in a dungeon grinding group?
TBC Classic dungeon grinding -1
The easiest way is to put 3 Hunters together alongside 1 Protection Paladin and 1 Resto Shaman, which gives the Hunters and their pets access to Blessing of Kings, benefits of Grace of Air Totem, and Strength of Earth Totem, making a very powerful dungeon grinding combination. It means that Hunter is able to generate a lot of heavy and consistent damage, not to mention it has an Area of Effect (AoE) with a multi-shot volley. Hunter is a ranged class, and thus it is much easier to avoid mechanics, so overall, this is a very powerful and safe dungeon grinding group to run, which easily made it a solid choice of A Tier. Just make sure that you adequately stock up with ammunition so this group doesn't have to resupply too often.
Rogue is part of a Melee Cleave, so it'll be replacing one of the Warriors. Rogues will bring some added utility, which is very powerful when they are cleaving down lots of mobs. Their damage isn't bad by any means. They have to wait every two minutes for a big pack to unleash their potential, but they can shot at the targets with lots of abilities and thus help Warriors produce more damage safely. Rogue also has an Adrenaline Rush to help burn down bosses or big packs, so Rogue is a choice of A Tier.
TBC Classic dungeon grinding -2
Warlocks have a very good AoE with Rain of Fire and Hellfire in certain situations, so they can replace 1 Mage in the Spell Cleave group.
They can bring Curse of Elements, which will help resist bosses since they are mostly single target DPS fights. This is where the Warlock excels. If they opt to go to deep destruction, they can get Shadowfury that provides an AoE stun and controls a lot of mobs, especially when there are Spellcasters that cast annoying spells, such as Fear or Mind Control. The only downside is that they can't get Seed of Corruption. Overall, the rating of Warlock is S Tier since it has a high value of contribution for the group.
Retribution Paladins
If you want to get retirbution while rolling a Paladin, you'd better do this. Once you reach level 70, your group's DPS members will try to be as powerful as possible, which can provide a reliable AoE. They can clear the dungeons fast.
Unfortunately, Paladins don't bring much in the form of AoE outside of Consecration, but they will bring powerful Blessings. It's just not enough to warrant a spot in the Melee Cleave because you might bring a Warrior or a Rogue to take its place. Overall, a Retribution Paladin in a dungeon is a choice of D Tier.
Shadow Priests
They lack any form of AoE since their main utility is Mana Battery, which doesn't prove their spots in the fast dungeon grinding group. Their single target damage is very good, but this doesn't really synergize with other classes that aim for the fastest clear times since they need to use AoE abilities. You'd better swap to Shadow at level 70 and become a Healer during the dungeon grinding stage. Ultimately, Shadow Priest is a choice of C Tier.
classic tbc
Enhancement and Elemental Shamans
As for Enhancement and Elemental Shamans, they can bring good damage to the table, but they are lack of AoE to help clear packs quickly. Chain Lightning and Fire Totem aren't suitable for a group. It's clear that Enhancement and Elemental Shamans really pale in comparison, and they are a choice of C Tier.
We are not saying that Druid is a bad class, but it has some cons when you're trying to put them into a group.
Bear Tank Cons are showed as below.
1. Limited ways to control large packs
2. Single target threat
3. Slow clear times
Cat DPS Cons are showed as below.
1. No AoE
2. Easily be replaced by a Rogue or a Warrior
These two images showed all the Spell Cleave Combinations and Physical Damage Combinations.
TBC Classic dungeon grinding -3
TBC Classic dungeon grinding -4
This article is quoted from Biosparks TV's video.
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