New World Leveling Guide 1-60

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New World Leveling Guide 1-60

New World Complete Leveling Guide 1-60

In New World there are many different ways to level up. The level cap is 60, and you can get there by doing quests, town board missions, faction missions, corrupted portals, expeditions, and more. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with an efficient way to reach level 60. 

In this guide you will find the following:

A Video Version of the Guide (coming soon)
Level Range Breakdown
General Leveling Tips
Leveling Rewards
Full Leveling Guide for the Following Level Ranges:
Levels 1-5
Levels 5-9
Levels 9-18
Levels 18-23
Levels 23-30
Levels 30-40
Levels 40-48
Levels 48-53
Levels 53-60

Level Range Breakdown

This guide is going to be broken down into several different sections summarized below. The full sections of each level range include details and tips to help you progress through levels at a fast pace. 

  • 1-5 
    • Follow the Main Story on the Beach
  • 5-9
    •  Head to the Nearest Settlement & Continue the Main (tutorial) Quests. Join a Faction
  • 9-18
    • Push quests until level 12. Push main story and other quests until you acquire the Azoth Staff from the main story quest. 
  • 18-23
    • PvP & PvE Faction Missions, Side Quests, and Town Board Missions
  • 23-30
    • Amrine Expedition (all the way to 30 if possible), Elite mobs in Deadman’s Cove, Corrupted portals (if available)
  • 30-40
  • 40-48
    • Main Story Quest, The Depths, Restless Shores missions, corrupted portals,  Eridanus Grind
  • 48-53
    • Great cleave quests (optional), Side quests coupled with main story quest in Edengrove, Svikin’s Stand Grind
  • 53-60
    • Ebonscale Reach zone quests, The Dynasty Shipyard, main story quest into The Shattered Mountain

  • Make sure you complete all the quests on the beach when you spawn in. These have to be completed in order to progress with the quests in the settlement. 
  • Make sure you are picking up lore pages when you see them. They give a decent amount of experience, especially in the early levels. 
  • Make sure you harvest enough materials while leveling up to level 12 to reach level 30 in harvesting. You will need 30 harvesting in order to harvest Rivercress for a part of the main story quest. Having your harvesting leveled will save you quite a bit of time from getting stuck at that particular quest. 
  • Mine enough ore to get your mining to level 10 during your earlier levels. You will need 10 mining in order to mine silver for one of the quests. 
  • There is a daily bonus of 200% XP when completing your first 3 faction missions of the day. 
  • Town board missions are on a 30 minute timer, so go pick them up every 30 minutes or as close to it as practical. 
  • When hitting the main story quest starting with Yonas at level 12 consider stationing yourself in Windsward. When starting the Hermit quest at level make sure to pick up the fast travel point in that area. You will be utilizing this point a lot. Make sure you empty your inventory as much as possible prior to fast traveling to save Azoth. 
  • Stick to the main story quest. You will hit points in the main story that will require you to level more before continuing, but it’s important to avoid deviating too much from the main quest path and where it takes you. 
  • The main story quest will reward you with your Azoth staff which is a vital part of the game and a vital part of leveling. Make sure you get this. 
  • Elite zones and PvP are both solid ways to gain weapon mastery quickly. 

Leveling Rewards

5 - Second Weapon Slot; Survivalist Quest (Unlocks the quest to get your camp)
10 - Ability to duel other players; First bag slot
15 - Camp tier upgrade (Tier II); Third consumable slot
20 - Ring Slot; Unlock main story quest to obtain the Azoth Staff 
25 - Camp tier upgrade (Tier III); Fourth consumable slot
30 - Second bag slot; Unlock main story quest to to obtain Azoth Staff upgrade
35 - Unlocks ability to purchase 2nd house
40 - Earring slot; Unlock main story quest to obtain Azoth Staff upgrade; Camp upgrade (Tier IV)
45 - Third bag slot
50 - Can participate in Invasions
55 - Unlocks ability to purchase 3rd house; Camp upgrade (Tier V)
60 - Can participate in Outpost Rush

Levels 1-5

When you spawn into Aeternum for the first time you will be in a quick tutorial. If you do not want to play through the tutorial you can skip it right after you pick up the box from Captain Thorpe. Press ESC and choose “Skip to New World”. 
Bear in mind that if you want to get a free level with your sword you can stay in the tutorial and make your way to the shield enemy right before the path through the mountain. Once you kill the shielded enemy you will be rewarded with a sword skill point. You can then either proceed with the tutorial, or you can then skip to New World. 
After the tutorial you’ll land on the beach of Aeternum. There are 4 possible starting locations:

First Light
Monarch’s Bluff

It’s important to point out that each starting zone is basically the same until you make it into the respective settlement. You can not choose your starting location. It is chosen at random for you when you create your character. 

Also very important: Do not run straight into a settlement when you spawn on the beach. If you do this you will have to run back to the beach and complete the quests before you can accept any quests in the settlement. Do NOT skip the beach quests. 

Once on the beach you’ll want to run immediately to the main story quest giver at the watchtower. He will be marked on your map, so you can press the default key of “M” to see where he is. 

It is recommended at this point that you stick to the main story quests on the beach if you are trying to level efficiently. You do not want to stop along the way to gather excess items or kill excess mobs with the exception of a few things noted below. 

You will however, want to stop and pick up additional flint and wood so you can make tools at the campfire prior to heading into the settlement. You will need 4 flint and 4 wood to craft the items, but having a few more isn’t going to hurt. Crafting and equipping these tools will allow you to gather the necessary materials for a later quest once you get into town. This will prevent you from having to accept the quest, leave town, gather the materials, and return. You can simply gather them as you head to town. 

Another useful thing to pick up as your completing the quests on the beach is herbs. These are used to create weak health potions and will be useful as you progress through some early levels. You can also collect Bulrush Cob along the water's edge is you come across it. It’s also used to craft weak health potions. 

As you progress through the main story line on the beach it will tell you exactly where to go and what to do. These are very easy and straightforward quests and will shoot you up to level 5 very quickly. Once you complete them the quest will then send you into the nearest settlement. 

Levels 5-9

As you make your way into the settlement use the tools you crafted at the campfire earlier to collect 40 stone, 40 green wood, and 16 rawhide. As mentioned above these materials will be utilized in one of the quests in town and it’s much more efficient to gather them as you head there for the first time. 

There will also be a side quest along the path to town. If you can accept this quest and collect the necessary materials fairly quickly without much interruption then take the quest and complete it. If there’s too many people in the area to complete it quickly then simply head to town to continue down the main story quest. 

Once you make it to town there will be a green marker on your map. That is a quest turn in marker from the last quest on the beach. Go there and turn in your quest. This will then open up the rest of the quests in town.

These quests are basically tutorial quests. They are very simple to complete and require little explanation. You will simply be visiting an Inn, visiting a trading post, visiting a storage container, etc. The quests will guide you through where to go and what to do.

Completing these quests are very important, because as you complete them you will also gain access to your camp and will be able to choose your faction. This will allow you to join a company and flag for PvP. Flagging for PvP is optional, but it’s important to point out that you will get an additional experience for being flagged and you do get experience for killing other players. PvP is also a great way to level up your weapons. 

Although flagging for PvP will yield more XP, the risk of dying and wasting time is also a factor. Flagging or not is a personal preference moving forward. 

The quests in the settlement do not take too long to complete and will get you up to roughly level 9 upon completing them. Upon completing them you should now have your faction chosen. 

Make sure you run your first faction quest to unlock the ability to accept faction missions moving forward. 

Levels 9-18

At this point you will want to travel to Windsward. Once there pick up the available side quests in the settlement, your faction missions, and town board missions. Run a loop completing these quests until you hit level 12. 

While running your quest loop make sure you are leveling up your harvesting to 30. You will need 30 harvesting to complete a quest at around level 14-16 for the main story. Also mine ore along the way to get your mining up to at least level 10 so you can mine silver ore for a later quest in the level 15-20 range

Once you hit level 12 you will be able to go visit Yonas (the old man by the river) to start the main story quest line. As you progress through the main story quest line make sure you are completing your side quests, faction missions, and town board missions along the way so you can keep up with the level requirements for the main quest. The town board missions will reset every 30 minutes.

Do not go a long way out of your way to complete a side quest quest, faction mission, or town board mission. Try to stick to the main story line route as much as possible. 

The main story does send you traveling around Aeternum, but it’s important to keep pushing the main story quest. Make sure you’re picking up any fast travel points (these can be found here by filtering by Cities and other and Spirit Shrine) and walking into settlements that are nearby to obtain the fast travel points there as well. 

Continue down the main story, side quest, faction mission, town board mission loop until you are able to do the quest to kill Ezra the Forgemaster. This is where you will need the mining skill discussed earlier in the guide. 

As a part of the main story quest you have to acquire the consecrated Cross Pieces for the Azoth staff. You have to acquire 5 silver ingots for the Azoth staff crosspiece

After acquiring the ingots you then have to do the “Argent and Aerther” Quest. You have to visit the Amrine Temple to forge your Azoth Staff crosspiece. This is where you will kill Ezra the Forgemaster. After the mob is defeated you then have to go to the forge in the corner and craft the item. Then return to the hermit. 

You will now be able to go forge your Azoth Staff. It is vital that you acquire the staff. It will be used heavily during the remainder of your leveling process. Simply travel to the Shattered Obelisk, enter the first entrance as you go up the stairs, and forge the staff at the forge straight ahead. 

You will then be able to return to the hermit and should be roughly level 18 by this point. 

Levels 18-23   

If by level 18 you have acquired your Azoth staff, you are going to want to grind up to level 23. Level 23 is a crucial level because you will unlock the ability to gain access to the Amrine Excavation. You will be able to run the repeatable quest, Bones for Barkimedes and then will be able to continue the main story line with the quest Destiny Unearthed.

In order to get from level 18 to 23 a combination of both PvP & PvE faction missions, side quests, and town board missions are the way to go. You are going to want to do these in Windsward so that you can unlock the side quests Towering Tools which leads into the quest Seeing Clearly. Seeing Clearly is an additional quest that you will be able to run while in the Amrine Expedition. If you already have this quest ready you’ll be able to save quite a bit of time and gain quite a bit more XP from you first run of Amrine. 

While in the Windsward settlement, accept the town board missions that are going to be worth it XP wise, grab all the faction missions (if you prefer not to do PvP missions that’s ok just know it’s going to take a little longer to level up), and all the side quests available. Open your map, plot a route using the quest markers on your map so that you can easily complete one quest and move to the other without traveling a long way in between quests. 

It is not recommended that you grind mobs during this level range. There are not really any good elite areas that are suitable and would make sense for your level, so stick with the quests mentioned above until you hit level 23.

Levels 23-30  
Once you hit level 23 you’re going to want to make your way over to the Amrine Excavation. If you have access to enough Tuning Orbs, running Amrine several times to get to level 30 is ideal. You may want to pre-plan a group so you’ll have plenty of orbs. Once you use your orb it is consumed and you will have to obtain another one or find someone else who has one. Planning ahead with a group will help you save a ton of time looking for a group or for someone who has a tuning orb. 

You will want to make sure you visit Deadman’s Cove in Monarch’s Bluff at least once a day, however, during this leveling phase in order to get the Elite Crates for some great loot. Deadman’s Cove is an open world Elite area full of Lost mobs. In between Amrine runs it’s also ideal to run town board missions. They reset every 30 minutes. 

Also prior to hitting level 30, make sure you go to Everfall and run side quests in order to obtain the Led by Stars quest, into Center of the Stars, into the Foreman’s Ledger. These quests are given by William Heron The Foreman’s Ledger is a quest for Amrine that needs to be completed in order to unlock a follow up quest to the Starstone Barrows that you will need for the next leveling stage. Completing the Foreman’s ledger will also reward you with another tuning orb for Amrine so you can continue your Amrine runs. 

Upon entering Amrine make sure you have the quest Destiny Unearthed from the Hermit so you can continue the main story, and make sure you pick up the Bones for Barkimedes repeatable quest from Barkimedes who is sitting right outside of the dungeon. You should also have the quest mentioned above from Windsward called Seeing Clearly, and at some point obtain the Foreman's Ledger quest and get it completed as well.
If you run out of tuning orbs then you can get a group together and turn to  Deadman’s Cove to grind out some levels. It’s a great spot to gain weapon mastery as well.

You also have the option of running corrupted portals if they are available. They will give you a decent amount of experience, decent loot for your level, quite a bit of Azoth, and some corrupted slivers for some end game crafting. 

Ideally, however, you are going to want to run Amrine and the repeatable quest Bones for Barkimedes as many times as possible until 30.

Levels 30-40

At level 30 you’re going to want to make your way to Brightwood. Prior to going there, however, make sure you have turned in your main story quest Destiny Unearthed to the Hermit. He will give you a quest to go to Brightwood. 

While in Brightwood continue to push the main story quest, while running  faction missions, town board missions, and side quest loop as well. The main story will eventually send you over to Weaver’s Fen where you can continue running this same pattern of activities. Push the main story quest as far as you can go.

Once you hit level 33 you will unlock the quest from William Heron as mentioned above to gain access into Starstone Barrows. You will need to go back to Evervall to accept the quest to gain access to the expedition. 

Prior to going into the expedition make sure you head back to the Amrine Expedition entrance and talk with Barkimedes again. There is another repeatable quest you can pick up for Starstone Barrows similar to the one for Amrine. It’s called More Bones for Barkimedes.

If possible you’ll want to run this expedition from level 33 to level 35. The tuning orbs for Starstone Barrows will be more limited than the tuning orbs from Amrine due to the lack of quests to obtain the orbs. So, proper planning with a group so that you can run the dungeon multiple times will be important. Remember to grab the repeatable quest every time prior to entering the dungeon. 

Starstone is still viable up to level 37-38, but not optimal. 

To gain your next 5 levels up to 40 you will want to push the main story quest all the way to the point of it taking you to Mourningdale if you haven’t already done so. Along with the main story quest you will also want to do a rotation of town board missions (every 30 minutes), some level 35 corrupted portal runs to gain experience and Azoth, and you can also grind Brightwood isle, which is a level 34 Elite lost area.

Remember as you’re fast traveling back to Yonas to turn in the main story quests to empty your inventory as much as possible to avoid paying more Azoth than you need to. 

Levels 40-48

Once you hit level 40 you will want to make your way over to Restless shores and begin doing side quests in that area. Once there make sure you continue doing the town board missions, and pick up faction missions as well. As you are doing the side quests, complete the faction missions and town board missions along the way. 

You will want to make sure you pick up the side quest called Pirates will Pirate from Lyse Muller. Follow this side quest until completion because after a few steps it will eventually unlock the quest Archdeacon Azamela which is a quest for the next expedition, the Depths. You will also be awarded a tuning orb for the Depths once you reach that point. 

Continue doing the side mission, town board mission, portal, faction mission grind until level 43. 

Once you have reached level 43 and obtained the quest in Restless Shores for the Depths Orb you will want to then make your way up to Mouningdale to continue with the main story quest. Once there you will turn in your main story quest in the settlement and you’ll be awarded with another tuning orb to get into the depths. 

After that you’ll want to fast travel back to the Restless Shores and head into the Depths. 

When going into the Depths you should now have the main story quest to complete, the side quest from the Restless Shores to complete, and there is a repeatable quest that you can pickup right outside of the Depths called Meat for Nekumanesh. Make sure you pick it up prior to going into the expedition. You have to be level 43 to pick up the repeatable quest.  
From levels 43 to 48 you will want to continue to stay in Restless Shores and run the Depths when you can. Make sure you are continuing to push the main story quest as well. While pushing the main story you will want to run corrupted portals, and run the mission loop. You also have the option to grind mobs at Eridanus, an Angry Earth Elite area. 

Levels 48-53

At level 48 it’s recommended that you head into Great Cleave and complete the quests at the Eastburn Outpost. These quests will lead into some quests that will reward you with some high gear score items once you hit level 60. You will want to complete all the quests in this area. If you do these now you will not have to backtrack once you are max level. 
Once you complete those quests (if you choose) you can then move up to Edengrove to continue the main story quest. If you choose not to complete those you can go ahead and head into Edengrove at level 48 to continue the main story quest.  

Once in Edengrove you will want to pick up all the quests in Valor Hold, and complete them along with continuing to push the main story quest. The Valor Hold quests will eventually lead to obtaining tuning orbs for the Garden of Genesis which will be important for the end game. 

Continue running quest loops in this area until they are completed and lead you to the Dynasty Shipyard quest. If you are not level 53 by this point, you can make your way over the Great Cleave and grind elite mobs at Svikin’s Stand. You can also run portal loops in the Great Cleave as well. 

Another good Elite grind spot at this level if needed is Scorpius in Mouningdale. If both of these are highly contested or you are running solo you can go to Northern Mourningdale to Hibbotsfield and run a loop killing the corrupted farmers there. They are not elite mobs but they are very easy and very quick to kill. By the time you clear the farm solo the mobs should begin to spawn back fairly soon after. 

Levels 53-60

At level 53 continue the main story quest into Ebonscale Reach. Run a combination of Dynasty Shipyard and the mission loop in Ebonscale in between runs. 

Once you hit level 57 continue pushing the main story quest into the Shattered Mountain. Along with the main story quest pick up the quests in Mountainhome and run those along with the main quest. You will need a group for most areas in the Shattered Mountain. 
If you do not have a group you can utilize some of the other elite grind spots that were mentioned earlier in the guide. 
Leveling Summary

In summary you will want to push the main story quest as much as possible, and run a mission loop with your other quests and town board missions as you do so. Once you have the Azoth Staff you will also want to incorporate running portals with your quest loops to gain additional experience, azoth, and corrupted slivers etc for crafting. Once you reach roughly level 23 you will also have the option to begin grinding elite mob locations in most zones in between expedition runs and quest runs. Grinding Elite mobs is also a great way to level your weapon mastery.  

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