New World Armor Guide

Amor in Amazon’s New World MMORPG plays a huge role in how your overall character functions in the game. It doesn’t just provide mitigations, but also determines how agile or slow your character becomes during combat. New World has 3 different armor categories, light, medium, and heavy, and you can mix and match pieces of gear in order to obtain your desired build. Armor in New World can also provide your character with special bonuses and additional attribute points through the use of perks and gem slots. 

Tiers & Level Requirements
The gear system in New World is based on different tiers and gear scores. However, all gear including armor, has a specific level requirement as well. The level requirement for a specific piece of gear is based on it’s gear score. 

Tier 2 - Level 1-19
Tier 3 - Level 20-39
Tier 4 - Level 40-59
Tier 5 - Level 60

Also worth noting is that higher rarity gear has a lower level requirement than lower rarity gear with the same gear score, which makes rarity of gear even more valuable. 

Armor Rarities
There’s different gear rarities in New World, and armor is no exception. The progression of rarity in gear is as follows:

Common (Gray)
Uncommon (Green)
Rare (Blue)
Epic (Purple)
Gold (Legendary)

Each perk your armor has counts as a rarity point. A gem slot and attributes also count as a rarity point, which results in a potential total of 5 rarity points. If an item has the maximum of 5 rarity points then it will be a Legendary item. Also, the rarer the item the higher the gear score will be within the gear’s tier range. The number of perks (rarity points) associated with each tier of rarity is as follows:

Common: 0
Uncommon: 2
Rare: 3
Epic: 4
Legendary: 5

It’s worth noting that there can be either 1 or 2 attribute bonuses associated with a piece of gear, and both 1 and 2 attribute points are considered 1 rarity point. 

Gear Score
Gear score in New World is important to the overall strength of your build. Higher gear score means better armor mitigations. Gear score follows a range per tier of gear:

Tier II:  Gear Score 100-299
Tier III: Gear Score 250-399
Tier IV: Gear Score 350-499
Tier V:  Gear Score 450-600

Both your Physical and Elemental resistances scale with the gear score. The higher the gear score the higher your mitigations.

Physical vs Elemental Armor
Amor in New World is composed of 2 different types of resistances, Physical and Elemental. Physical resistance helps mitigate all physical damage types, such as melee, ranged musket, ranged bow, axe throws, etc.

Elemental resistance helps mitigate all magic damage types, such as fire, void, lightning etc.

Physical and elemental armor rating both scale consistently across armor classes. So, heavy armor has the highest armor ratings for both physical and elemental while light armor has the highest for both. There are however other advantages to light and medium armor that are noted below under the “Armor Weight” heading. 

The amount of physical and elemental resistances you receive from each piece of armor is determined by a “prefix” system. See the Prefix and Suffix Section below.

Armor Weight
Armor weight is one of the most important mechanics in New World. The weight of your armor determines how mobile you will be. Every piece of armor in New World has an assigned weight, and for each piece of armor that’s equipped that weight accumulates. There are 3 different categories of weight as follows:

While wearing light armor, your dodge is a quick roll that covers a lot of distance. Light armor tends to be less protective, however you gain a 20% damage bonus while in the light armor weight category. The damage increase also affects your healing output. 

While wearing normal weight armor, your dodge is a quick hop. This offers a good balance between protection and mobility. You deal 10% damage and crowd control debuffs you apply last 10% longer.  The damage increase also affects your healing output. 

While wearing heavy armor, your dodge is a slow sidestep. Heavy armor limits your mobility but offers the best damage mitigation. Your block stability is increased by 15% and crowd control debuffs you apply last 20% longer. 

Keep in mind that you can mix and match your armor to obtain pretty balanced mitigations by piecing together a mixture of light, medium, and heavy while staying in the light weight category and still being able to dodge roll. 

Prefix and Suffix System
All armor in New World has a specific name, and the name will have a prefix and a possible suffix within it. The prefix and suffix will tell you a lot about the armor, including the type of mitigations you are going to get from that armor, and the type of attribute point bonuses you’re going to receive. You can see the full list of all prefix and suffix bonuses by checking out our prefix and suffix guide.

For example, let’s look at the Steel Heavy Boots of the Barbarian.

The Heavy Affix on a heavy piece of armor tells us that the primary resistance on the boots will be physical and the secondary will be elemental. Meaning this piece of armor has more physical resistance than other boots and less elemental resitance.

The suffix of Barbarian tells us that this piece of armor is going to give you a primary attribute bonus of strength and a secondary attribute bonus of constitution. If an item has a suffix, and all items do not, then you are guaranteed to receive the primary attribute bonus and in most cases will receive the secondary attribute bonus as well. 

How to Obtain Armor
Armor in New World can be obtained from drops, crafting, the trading post, faction vendor, outpost rush armor crates, and by completing special armor quests. 

Armor can drop from mobs that you encounter and defeat while exploring Aeternum. Armor that drops from these encounters will have a set gear score, tier, and possibly perks. Dropped armor can also have empty gem slots that you can utilize with a gem to gain additional attribute points, and some armor is dropped with a gem already slotted.

Typically the higher tier mobs that you defeat, the higher tier and higher gear score items will be dropped. However, as you level up lower tier armor (and other gear) still play an important role in New World. Obtaining lower tier armor is valuable because you can salvage it and which will give you repair parts, and then you can use those repair parts to repair your damaged gear. 

Armor can also be obtained through crafting, the trading post, and the Faction Vendors.

There are also special armor quests you can complete in order to obtain specific armor sets. These quests are a chain consisting of 5 child quests that will guide you to forge each piece in the set. Each successive quest requires a new level threshold of 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60. 

You can craft a piece of the set upon completing the child quest and obtaining the required ingredients.

Each item in the set contributes to a set bonus, which will confer increased stats depending on the number of armor pieces from a given set that you have equipped. 

Dropped vs Crafted vs Faction Armor
The primary difference between dropped armor and crafted armor in New World is that armor that is looted will come with a specific set of perks that can’t be changed, and when crafting gear you can choose which perks to apply to that specific piece of gear. 

Bind on Pickup Items
All equippable items are either Bind-on-Equip or Bind-on-Pickup. This is a feature put into the game in order to protect the item economy and keep demand for quality items high. By ensuring that an item (once equipped) is removed from the economy by being bound to a player and unable to be resold, a space is then created in the economy for similar items to be sold to other players on the trading post or scrapped for repair parts.

There are 2 different types of bonuses that can be applied to armor in New World. There are perks and gem slots. 

Perks will give your armor specific buffs, such as, lighting ward that gives that piece of armor lightning damage absorption. There are also crafting and gathering perks that can be added to your armor that will enhance your gathering and crafting. You can find a full list of the perks in the game by visiting our database

Gem slots are slots in armor that can be equipped with a cut gem that will give you additional enhancements to your gear. For example, a cut brilliant onyx will you 2.5% physical damage absorption. 

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