Introduction to Demonhunter in World of Warcraft

Introduction to Demonhunter

Demon Hunter Customization

1.Like Death Knights, Demon Huntershave unique skin tones and hair colors. They go a step further with skinoptions that have spikes and scales.

2.Demon Hunters have additional customization options--tattoos, blindfolds, and horns. This is on top of the usual customization options for Night Elves and Blood Elves.

3.Chest tattoo options come in various shades of green, purple, pink, red, and black.

4.There are multiple horn and blindfold options, as well as a plain version--if you don't want your character to look too different!

Starting Zone Information

1.Everyone in the starting zone hadthe special "Illidari" title.

2.The starting experience takes place in Marduk the Shattered Abyss, with subzones Despair Ridge, Molten Shore, Inferno Peak, Seat of Command, Soul Engine, The Fel Hammer, The Doom Fortress.

3.After a few quests, you get the special Fel Saber mount.

4.Quests feel more interactive, like a story. When you reach some objectives, dialogue pops up with fancy graphics as the questgiver explains a little more about the area.

5.Bonus Objectives remain in Legion, and you'll find some right at the start for gold and experience.

6.You can get zone buffs from treasures - fel crystal fragments.

7.The demo had you playing in DPS spec, but looking at the tank spec preview, there's a new resource in addition to Fury - Pain.

8.We spied many new and updated models in the zone, even on little things like basilisks, spiders, and maggots.


Demon Hunter talents are awarded at the following levels: 99,100, 102, 104, 106, 108, 110

The initial three talents were visible in the demo. The rest were marked asComing Soon!

1.FelFury: Increases the damage of Fel Rush by 50%, and gain 25 Fury whenFel Rush damages at least one target.

2.Blade Dance: Strike all nearby enemies for 16,029 (@98) Physical damage, and increase your Dodge chance by 100% for 1 sec.

3.Vengeful Retreat: Viciously assault nearby enemies and vault away. Assaulted enemies take 3,562 (@98) Physical damage and have their movement speed reduced by 70% for 3 sec.


Below are the abilities we previewed during the demo.

1.Demon'sBite: A quick attack that causes 5,343 (@98) Physical damage andgenerates 20 to 30 Fury.

2.Spectral Sight: Allows you to see enemies and treasures through physical barriers, as well as enemies that are stealthed and invisible. Lasts until canceled. Adds fire around the edges of the screen and constant sound effects. While enabled you move at 80% speed instead of 115% and walk with a "stealth" animation.

3.Glide: Reduces your falling speed. You can activate this ability with the jump key while falling.

4.Double Jump: You are able to jump again while near the apex of your first jump. The starting experience has terrain that encourages you to use Double Jump right at the start.

5.Shattered Souls: When you kill a target that grants experience or honor, the target's soul will sometimes be shattered, leaving a Soul Fragment behind for 30 sec. The Soul Fragment will be consumed when you approach it, healing you for 25% of maximum health. If the Soul Fragment came from a Demon, you will deal 20% increased damage for 15 sec.

6.Eye Beam: Blasts all enemies directly in front of you for 61,713 (@98) Chaos damage.

7.Consume Magic: Interrupts the enemy's spellcasting and locks them from that school of magic for 3 sec. Generates maximum Fury on a successful interrupt.

8.Throw Glaive: Throw a demonic glaive at the target, dealing 12,099 (@98) Physical damage. The glaive can ricochet to 2 additional enemies within 10 yards.


The following abilities were listed on the specializationinterface:

Havoc (DPS)

1.Fel Rush:Rush forward, incinerating anything in your path for 10,018 (@98) Fire damage.

2.Chaos Strike: Slice your target for 18,360 Chaos damage. Critical strikes do not consume Fury.

3.Chaos Nova: Unleash an eruption of fel energy, stunning all nearby enemies for 5 sec and dealing 11,472 Chaos damage.

4.Metamorphosis: Leap into the air and land with explosive force, dealing 7,988 (@99) Chaos damage to enemies within 8 yds, and stunning them for 3 sec. Upon landing, you are transformed into a hellish demon for 30 sec, gaining 100% Leech and greatly empowering your Demon's Bite and Chaos Strike abilities.

Vengeance (Tank)

1.HatefulStrike: An instant weapon strike that causes 4,987 Physical damage,increasing as the target's health gets lower.

2.Fel Blood: Your blood boils, redirecting 40% of damage taken to Fury. Lasts 5 sec.

3.Voidblade: Deals 10,686 Shadow damage and heals you for 100% of the damage inflicted.

4.Metamorphosis: Transform to demon form, gaining maximum Fury and health. While transformed, damage taken is reduced by up to 60%. Damage reduction increases as your health decreases. Lasts 15 sec.


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