How to Farm Screws Springs And Gears Easy in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has awide range of junk that most players will always need to have in order tocraft, repair or upgrade you gear and some of that junk can be hard to find.Here is a brief guide to help you farm for the junk you need or if farmingisn't your thing you can buy Fallout 76 Junk here.


The most importantjunk items most likely are going to be Loose Gears, Loose Screws, and LooseSprings as these junk items are fairly hard to get and required to repair powerarmor and some weapons and the power armor repairs can be a bit pricey with materials.


Loose Gears


Junk items can beobtained in various ways from killingenemies to scrapping junkor even finding them in containers.Loose gears is going to be a bitof a hassle to get as are all the other Loose Items. There are differentenemies that drop these the amount is completely random from 3-8 per enemy. Theenemies that drop these are listed below.


  • Deathclaw (Any Variant)
  • Mirelurk Queen


So far the are theenemies that have a guarantee Loose Gears drop chance, there are many areas tofind these monsters here are some spawn areas they tend to spawn at.




  • Deathclaw island: Typically Two Deathclaws here (Just West of Tyler Country Fairgrounds) It is the big Ferris wheel on the map





  • Abandoned Waste Dump: Always Two Deathclaws here (Located on the far East side of the map) Locate the 2 Deer on your map and use them as a guide head far East towards them and from them The Abandoned Waste Dump is A little South West of them.




These are twoguarantee spawns forDeathclaws items that have gears will be also be shown below.


Items With Gears

  • Desk Fan (Any Variant)
  • Giddyup Buttercup  
  • Giddyup Buttercup Front leg
  • Giddyup Buttercup Back Leg
  • Type Writer  (Any Variant)
  • Pocket Watch (Any Variant)
  • Camera (Any Variant)
  • Microscope (Any Variant)
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Fishing Rod
  • Bone Cutter   


Every one of theseitems obtains LooseGears  be sure if you see any ofthese items out there when venturing in the wasteland to pick them up and scrapthem for their gears and other resources or if farming isn't something youwanna do you can always buy from a Reliable trustworthy in game seller.


Loose Springs


Loose springs isanother component very important in crafting especially in power armor legs itrequires up to 30 Loose Spring when repairing the item. As all the other Fallout 76 junk thy are very important as youneed them even for base building. Here are enemiesin Fallout 76 that drop Loose Springs.


  • Yao Guai


So far throughout Fallout76 this is the only creature that has aguaranteed chance to drop LooseSprings. The Yao Guai are amutated bear like creature that tend to charge at you, if you are a melee buildblock once you see the Yao Guai chargeand then attack, he also does a series of three quick attacks once in a whilebe careful with this as this attack patter can leave you dead fairly quickly.Here are some areas you can find the Yao Guai.


Yao Guai


  • Philippi Battlefield Cemetery: Located in a parking lot area One Yao Guai is here






  • Abandoned Waste Dump : There will Always be a dead Yao Guai locatedd Ouyside the cave entrance.       




  • Dolly Sods Wilderness : There are Always Two Yao Guai here One is in front of the cabin the other is behind the cabin in the forest.




These are spawnlocations in Fallout76 where Yao Guai are a guarantee spawn, of course getting all thespring you need can take a lot of time farming there are also a list of junkitems that contain loose springs in. Killing these Yao Guai and grabbing thesejunk items to scrap is a easy Fallout 76 Loose Spring Farm guide with time of course. Hereare items that contain Loose Springs.




  • Alarm Clock (Any Variant)
  • Clipboard (Any Variant)
  • Camera (Any Variant)
  • Typewriter (Any Variant)
  • Flip Lighter
  • Giddyup Buttercup (Any Piece)
  • Pocket Watch (Any Variant)
  • Handcuffs
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Life Preserver


All these Fallout 76 items containLoose Spring  so if you every comeby any of these and are in dire need of springs or just wanna stock up be sureto grab these to scrap. And of course if you don’t wanna spend time farming youcan always trust F2FGOLD for any of your ingame Fallout 76 items or caps for a cheap affordable price.


Loose Screws


Fallout 76 Loose Screws isprobably one of the hardest materials to obtain because there are few enemiesthat drop them, the few enemies that do are rare to come by. Here is a list ofthe enemies that drop Loose Screws.


  • Wendigo
  • MegaSloth


These are the Two Fallout 76 Enemies that dropLoose Screws these enemies are pretty rare to come by here are some ofthe enemy spawn locations.




  • Wendigo Cave: The Wendigo Cave is  a fairly difficult cave to go through as it is filled with Ghouls, Mirelurks, Mirelurk kings, and the wendigo itself is located at the end of the cave here you can find one and kill it for the Loose Screws.





  • The Whitespring Golf Club: Inside the Golf Club head down the stairs and head to the left towards the Locker Room inside there is a chance for a wendigo to spawn. Be careful because you will be swarmed by many Ghouls. So be careful and come prepared if there is no wendigo there will be a Glowing Bloated Ghoul in its place.






Tangara Town: This a spawn location for the Mega Slothalthough it is not a garanteed spawn thee but there is a spawn in this locationbe sure to check here to see if the Mega Sloth has spawned.



Thereare not many confirmed spawn locations for the Mega Sloth although they do tendto spawn in the Mire which is the area to the far right the map kill theseenemies to get your hands on some more Fallout76 Loose Screws.


Items That Contain Loose Screws

  • Globe (Any Variant)
  • Typewriter (Any Variant)
  • Desk Fan (Any Variant)
  • Hot Plate
  • Hubcap
  • Handcuffs
  • Toy car
  • Toy Truck



Theseare the areas, enemies and items that have LooseScrews, Loose Gears, and Loose Spring. Of course farming these itemswill not be easy nor will it be quick if you need or want a trustworthy andcheap way of buying Fallout 76 Caps or Fallout 76 Junk you can always trust F2FGOLD to bring you the satisfaction andhighest quality experience with buying in game items. Good luck farming and mayyou Travels within the lad of Appalachia be great.

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