‘Elder Scrolls Online’ And ‘New World’ ,Eso Director Share His Opionion!

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) game worlds are not easy to make; they’re expensive to build and take years to develop. The word “massive” is in the name for a reason.

For a while, a few titles including “World of Warcraft,” “Final Fantasy XIV” and “The Elder Scrolls Online” dominated the genre. But last week, Amazon Game Studios released “New World,” an online multiplayer game set on a fantastical, 17th-century island, and players flooded the servers on Monday. Steam reported more than 900,000 players have logged on to “New World” in the past day.

Rich Lambert, the creative director for “The Elder Scrolls Online” (ESO), told The Washington Post the new competition from Amazon — one of the world’s largest tech companies — will end up being “good for the consumer.” Lambert said the MMO genre needs more successful games to “shake things up” and get the “creative juices flowing.” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is also the owner of The Post.

“I really like seeing new games come out,” Lambert said. “I love to jump in and play them and start dissecting them and seeing what they do right and seeing what they don’t do right.”

It has been a busy year for ESO’s developer, ZeniMax Online Studios. In June, the studio released a free update. for the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S to make it look and play better on the stronger consoles. Players can now recruit an NPC Compantion to help explore Tamriel. Developers have been adamant that the studio will continue to improve on the seven-year-old game as long as there are fans to build for.

Lambert spoke with The Post last week in preparation for the studio’s November update, Deadlands, which will conclude a nearly year-long story line known asGates of Oblivion

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The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What has it been like developing “The Elder Scrolls Online” during the pandemic? Every major MMO has seen an uptick in active users with everyone spending more time at home.

Lambert: It’s definitely been a challenge. We are relearning how to be collaborative, I guess is the best way to say it, in terms of just overall game development. When you’re all in the office at the same time, it’s really easy to walk by somebody’s desk and go, “Hey, that doesn’t quite look right. What are you working on?” Or somebody can go, “Hey, I have this really brilliant idea,” you know? And they talk it through right then and there. With everybody working from home, you have to message them, “Hey, are you there?” “Hey, can we have 10 minutes to talk on Teams or on a Skype call?” It’s definitely a new way to do things.

We made a concerted effort to reduce the scope on some of the things [in The Elder Scrolls Online] so that we could hit our dates while still not destroying the team.

Did you guys see an uptick in players? Especially last winter?

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Lambert: Oh yeah. I mean, everybody is stuck at home. There’s not really anything else to do. So video games [are] a really good outlet for that. We definitely saw a big uptick in players.

Final Fantasy’s MMO, specifically, has been pretty popular recently. Why has it been doing well?

Lambert: They do a lot of things right in general. They know the game they want to be. They embrace that. And the fans that want that type of game know where to go and know where to get it. They’ve done a really good job in that regard. That is key, just in general, to making a good game — really understanding your community and what they want.

That was one of the lessons we had to learn really early on when we first launched in 2014. We didn’t really feel or have a clear understanding of what game we were trying to make. We tried to walk that line between Elder Scrolls and MMO, and we didn’t really hit either of those out of the park.

And so, we went back, and we listened to the community, and we listened to the team, and we focused on making it an Elder Scrolls game, first and foremost. And once we did that, the game just blew up and turned into what it is today.

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What would you say players want today?

Lambert: The vast majority of our player base loves the exploration, loves the lore, loves the story side of things. So we focus a lot of our time and effort on that. Two of our four major updates every year are focused on story and exploration. The other two are focused on quality of life, are focused on group-oriented activities with the dungeons or adding new systems.

In a nutshell, players want to see that you are going to put the effort into improving the game over time. And if you continue to do that, they’re going to stay and play and have a good time.

With “New World” starting up, how do you keep up an engaging world to compete with the new kid on the MMO block?

Lambert: First and foremost, competition is good. It’s healthy. It’s good for the consumer. The second you feel like you don’t have to compete and continue to improve your product is the second that things start to go downhill. So I think it’s great, and we need more successful games in our genre in order to help earn the trust of the consumer, to kind of shake things up and get those creative juices flowing and whatnot.

We do a really good job at having a regular cadence of content. Since we launched, we’ve had at least four updates every year. We’re constantly improving the game, adding new stuff to the game, and we do it in such a way that players can pick up and put down the game at any time.

What’s the plan for the next year of “The Elder Scrolls Online

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 Where does the Elder Scrolls series go from here?
Lambert: I think the best way to answer that is we are going to continue to support ESO. We’re going to continue building new content, building new systems and making the game better as we go. That’s something that we’re committed to doing. Exactly where we’re going — new features that we’re adding — that’s something that we’re not ready to talk about yet. But hopefully soon we’ll do that. But I will say that where we’re going next is a place that nobody’s expecting.

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