ESO Tanking Guide

The Elder Scrolls online is a very popular MMORPG this game has a lot of things for players to do one of the most important things and probably where a lot of the fun is, is doing dungeons with a group beating the dungeons on veteran mode beating all the mechanics and everything the dungeon has to offer. This is a brief guide on how to Tank like a boss be the meat shield for your team and do your job as a tank right and do it good.


The Best Tanking Class


The best tanking class no mater what will always be The Dragon Knight  this class has various abilities that buff your allies and that de buff or croup up enemies. We will go over abilities soon but this class offers a lot of abilities that are perfect and or required for taking and being the tank for your team. These are the best classes for Tanking from best to worst (top to bottom).


  1. Argonians - Argonians will be the dominant race for the reason of their passives they receive a bonus to health and magicka and also a bonus to healing done and healing received.


  1. Nords -  Nords will be the second top race for the reason of the passives giving a bonus to health and stamina and offering flat damage mitigation.


  1. Imperials -  Imperials get maximum health bonuses maximum stamina bonuses and a percentage chance to restore some health.


  1. Orcs - Orcs would be the last race for the fact of their last passive the Orcs passives are gain a bonus to health and stamina a bonus to healing received and helt recover and the last passive is an increase to sprint speed sprint cost reduction and a small increase to one handed melee attacks.


These are going to be the best to worst classes for tanking although you can use whatever class you prefer or want playing a game is about having fun! But if you want to utilize the passives to the best of it these would be the top picks for tanking.


Abilites For Dragon Knight


Here are going to be a list of all the abilities for tanking as a Dragon Knight  you can order these abilities how you want everyone prefers abilities in different slots so feel free to arrange these in your ability bar as you desire.


Ability Bar 1 - One Hand And Shield


  • Pierce Armor (Morph of Puncture| One Hand And Shield Skill Line) - This is going to your main Taunt. This ability causes the enemy it is used on to be forced to target you for 15 Seconds. Pierce Armor also applies Major Fracture and Breach to the target, helping your allies deal more damage to them for 12 seconds. As a tank you want to keep the debuff portion up all the time so your team is always doing extra damage to the enemy.


  • Resolving Vigor (Morph of Vigor from the Alliance War Assault skill line) - This ability is a self heal that you might need to use here and there if you need to self sustain without a healer and it also can heal teammates if needed.


  • Igneous Shield  (Morph of Obsidian Shield | Earthen Heart Skill Line) - This is going to be a small shield that goes to you and 5 nearby Allies. It also grants the user Major Mending, be sure to use this ability when a boss is doing a lot of damage to you and your team, you also gain Stamina and Generate Ultimate when this ability is used since it is a Earthen Heart Skill and Minor Brutality to 24 Nearby Allies.


  • Absorb Magic (Morph of Defensive Posture | One Hand and Shield Skill Line) - This ability is great you gain a 8% Block Cost Reduction  And Block Mitigation just for slotting this ability. Use this ability during ranged magic enemies you will gain a small shield that will absorb ranged magic attacks only and will heal you for 15% of you Max Health.


  • Choking Talons (Morph Of Dark Talons from the Draconic Power Skill Line) - This Ability you will mainly use when you have enemies surrounding you this ability will immobilize up to 6 targets around you. It will also apply Minor Maim to them reducing their damage dealt by 15%.


  • Ultimate- Magma Shell ( Morph of Magma Armor from The Earthen Heart Skill Line) When this ultimate is activated you will cap most damage taken to 3% of your health for 9 seconds, you will also deal moderate Flame Damage to enemies around you. The other bonus is that you will give 5 nearby allies a damage shield for 100% of their maximum health.


Ability Bar 2 - Sword And Shield


  • Hardened Armor (morph of Spiked Armor in Draconic Power skill line) – The Dragonknight’s source of Major Resolve and Ward, granting the user 8% damage mitigation across the board for 20 seconds.  It also deals Magic damage to melee attackers, and grants the user a damage shield upon cast for 15% of our Max Health for ~3 seconds.  Try to keep this up 100% to help lower damage you take


  • Green Dragons Blood (morph of Dragon Blood In Draconic Power skill line) – Activating this skill will heal the user for 33% of your Missing Health and also granting you Major Endurance and Fortitude and Minor Vitality; granting you 20% Health and Stamina Recovery, and 8% Healing taken for 20 seconds. 



  • Unrelenting Grip (morph of Fiery Grip in Ardent Flame skill line) – Pull any non CC immune enemy to your position from up to 22 meters, and will refund the cost if the target was not pulled.  This also grants Major Expedition for 3 seconds, helping give us a minor speed boost (30%) to move around and yank enemies into position sooner.


  • Inner Rage (morph of Inner Fire in Guild Undaunted skill line) – An extremely useful ranged taunt that let’s us force enemy attention to us from a distance.  It also has a moderate chance to grant your allies the Radiate synergy, which can do devastating damage to targets in an area.


  • Heroic Slash (morph of Low Slash in One-Hand and Shield skill line) – Our other source of Minor Maim, applying to target we cast it on for 12 seconds.  It also snares them for a huge amount, preventing them from covering a large amount of distance too quickly.  On top of this it will also grant us Minor Heroism for 9 seconds, granting us 1 Ultimate every 1.5s, so try to cast this every 9 seconds.


  • Ultimate Aggressive War Horn (morph of War Horn in Alliance War Assault skill line) – One of the best group ultimates in the game, granting us and our allies 10% more Health, Magicka, and Stamina for 30 seconds.  This means tons of resources AND health for your group, allowing more damage and healing to be done.  Furthermore, it also grants Major Force for 9.5s at rank IV, increasing your allies Critical Hit Modifier by 15% (additive).


Mundus Stone


The Atronach Stone - might be a stone most tanks pick up for the reason of extra Magicka Regeneration.


Tips And Tricks


Tanking is about keeping all the enemies and you and off your team and always having the boss focusing on you. Always make sure you buff your team and most importantly de buff the enemies doing so will great increase the damage the enemy takes. Make sure you eat some Tri Stat food for an extra bonus to all your Attributes.


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