ESO Farming for AP in PvP

In The Elder Scrolls online there is a in gamecurrency called AP (Alliance Points) that can be fairly important dependingwhat you use it for. If you love to PvPwere gonna share some good ways to farm ESO APFast.


First and foremostAP is a in game currency earned for various things in PvP it can be earned by killing enemies, defending or takingcontrol of a keep, farm, lumbermill, and mine. AP is used for various thing youcan use it to buy unique styles for weapons armor and other items one alsoimportant thing you can buy are loot boxes for certain areas of Tamriel, if youneed a area specified item you can buy the loot box for that area and farmthose boxes for the item your are looking for.




Zerging is a very important aspect youwill be doing in ESO PvP. Zerging means getting in a big groupand taking down keeps, farms ,mills and mines doing so will make everythingfaster and will allow you to participate in massive PvP battles against your enemies. Typing in chat and saying LFG isa popular term to tell everyone your "Looking For A Group" andtypically doing so you will get a team invite.


Killing Players


Killing players is also a great way of making AP in a Zerg killing players is huge because you typically have a lot of people who may be getting kills but also helping take down enemy players. A important thing to do is try to have a good AOE ability on AOE is a Area of effect ability this can be important because using this AOE ability allows you to get damage ticks off on multiple enemies and allows you to get AP for a assist on the kill. You can also of course get AP from killing players solo but evidently Zerging is faster because there are more people being killed faster.


Taking The Keep


Taking down the keepis one of the biggest AP ticks you can get depending on how big the fight is,bow long the battle lasts and of course which team comes out victorious. Doingso you can typically get 10k plus AP sometimes less if it is a small scale battleor just a keep steal if no one defends and it is easy. When doing so and takingdown a keep always remember to try and have healers to keep your team alive andhave a team running siege to tear down those walls to allow everyone in.


Taking The Farms, Mills And Mines


Taking down theseareas near the keeps and claiming them for you faction is also a great way ofearning AP as it gives you about 8k AP and can take roughly 5 to 10 minutes theleast. If you wanted to it is also very possible to solo these areas fairly quickdepending on your build. Taking these areas will require you to kill somesurrounding enemies on the factions flag then capture the flag by standing inthe area doing so takes little time and gives a good amount of AP and there'sone of each around each keep making up for around maybe 24k AP per keep notincluding the keep take itself, just remember AP amount varies it will alwaysnot be 8k sometimes it can be less or more.



Defending Your Alliance Claimed Area


As well as attackingdefending is also a way to earn AP defending your keep that is under attack andwinning the defense will grant players AP. Defending the surrounding areas suchas the mine, mill, and farm will grant you AP and be sure to defend these notonly will they give you AP but if you lose these you might get less of anadvantage against a keep that might go under siege as the enemy took andclaimed these so you will not be able to respawn here unless your team has acamp down, otherwise you will have to run to the are you are defending from adifferent spawn.



Imperial City


Imperial city is asmaller PvP based area with lots ofenemies and there are 6 different areas to claim for your faction claimingthese areas as well as killing players can award you with AP this is a smallerscale pvp are you can still group up with team mates but you will notice quitea bit of people run solo. So if your running solo be weary the other team mightcome with a vengeance and big group.



Repairing Keeps And Siege


Repairing keeps andsiege is aa great way of earning AP you earn a amount for every repair andusually some walls at keeps can take quite a bit of repair so doing this is agreat way to maintain your keep and be prepared for the next defense.


These are some ofthe best ways and also just ways to help you continue to gain that AP and farmit for the items that you want. Some of the items you can purchase with AP andor ESO Gold and of course if you are looking to skip the time consuming farmingand buy some Cheap ESO Gold from a Trustworthy seller whoaim for your 100%satisfaction Purchase from F2FGold.

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