The Elder Scrolls Online’s  big Chapter is here! Check out these tips on how you can prepare for your adventures in the Systres Archipelago.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle arrives on June 6 for PC/Mac and June 21 for consoles. Featuring a new zone, storyline, and Tales of Tribute card game, there’s a host of new activities and adventures right around the corner for all ESO players. To ensure you’re ready to venture into High Isle and beyond when the new Chapter launches in June, check out these five easy-to-follow tips!


High Isle is all about Bretons, and so what better way to explore this new zone’s chivalric feudal society than with your very own knight in shining armor? Every character you make is uniquely your own, but here are some suggestions for how to make your character the embodiment of knightly ideals:

  • Join the Fighters Guild (found in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, and Davon’s Watch)

    • With powerful abilities like the Dawnbreaker ultimate and defensive powers like Circle of Protection, the Fighters Guild Skill Line is great for would-be beast hunters

  • Acquire the One Hand and Shield weapon Skill Line

    • Abilities like Puncture (thanks to its taunt) and Defensive Posture are ideal for defending the innocent

  • Using the Outfit System, tailor your look to meet the needs of both the noble courts and battlefields with these styles:

    • Breton Style (a classic that’s easy to acquire in your adventures or from guild traders)

    • Daggerfall Covenant Style (looted in the Imperial City and Cyrodiil or from guild traders)

    • Knight of the Circle Style (earned by acquiring Arena Gladiator’s Proofs from Conquest daily quests in Cyrodiil)

    • Ebony Style (acquired with Writ Vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu in Tamriel’s capital cities)

Be sure to look the part when exploring High Isle


It’s no secret that the main and zone stories featured within the High Isle Chapter and the Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure are focused on the Breton people. To get an introduction to the kind of characters you’ll encounter during your adventures in High Isle, we recommend you make your way to the Glenumbra zone, part of ESO’s base game content.

You’ll find no shortage of adventure in Glenumbra

There, you’ll find plenty of courtly intrigue, the Wyrd, and of course, dashing knights!


If you’re looking to kick off your Legacy of the Bretons adventure with a challenge, you should venture into Coral Aerie and Shipwright’s Regret, the Ascending Tide’s two DLC dungeons. The quests in these PvE activities set up the Legacy of the Bretons adventure to come while introducing some of the characters (and villains) you’ll encounter in the High Isle Chapter.

Explore the Coral Aerie

You can find Ascending Tide within the DLC section of the in-game Crown Store or get access via an active ESO Plus membership.


The Ascending Tide DLC isn’t the only piece of content preceding the launch of High Isle. Every ESO player now also has access the High Isle Prologue questline, leading directly into the upcoming Chapter’s main storyline.

Get special rewards by completing the High Isle Prologue

In the High Isle Prologue, you’ll team up with the dashing rogue Jakarn, and his employer, Lady Arabelle Davaux, to investigate the schemes of the rising Ascendant Order. If you previously didn’t have access to the Vvardenfell zone where the questline takes place, don’t worry, it’s now free for all ESO players!

To begin your adventure, find the quest starter within the in-game Crown Store, located under the Quest Starters category, and pick up the quest titled “Ascending Doubt.”


In the High Isle Chapter, you’ll finally get your hands on ESO’s new deckbuilding card game, Tales of Tribute. If you’re looking to gain an edge over your opponents after this new game mode launches, a bevy of content breaks down exactly how Tales of Tamriel works, including this complete tutorial video!

Video ThumbnailPlay Video

In addition to the tutorial video, check out our guide and preview content, and be sure to keep an eye out for a slew of excellent community-made guides and resources, too!  

And there you go! We hope with these ideas, you’ll be ready to experience everything High Isle has to offer. How are you preparing for the upcoming Chapter? Let us know .

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Chapter arrives for PC/Mac and Stadia* on June 6, and for Xbox and PlayStation consoles June 21. Pre-purchase High Isle now to receive unique bonus rewards at launch and get immediate access to the Palefrost Elk mount.

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