As the most common form of currency, gold is vital for success in The Elder Scrolls Online. The more gold you have, the better. How to get rich in ESO? In this guide,  will show you the ten best gold-making methods in ESO for 2022.

There are several different ways to make gold in the game, and the best of them are tied to selling items. While you can always sell items in person, the easiest way is by putting them up for sale on a Guild Trader. Searching what other players sell is also a nice way to know what is valuable and what is not. Below are the best ways to get money on ESO:


1. Farming Valuable Sets

You are going to farm valuable sets in areas where they drop. Usually, sets that are part of the Meta can be sold for a very good profit. Some good examples of sets include BriaheartMother's Sorrow, Spinner's Garments, and more. If you have the materials or can afford to improve the quality of the sets, they will fetch an even better price.


2. Farming Chests

Opening chests is a great way to get jewelry from areas without Dark Anchors or other similar World events. Valuable rings and necklaces from sets like Briarheart or Bright-Throat's Boast can be found like this. 


Fortune's Favor and Treasure Hunter stars within the Craft constellation can help you make even more gold with this method. The Keen Eye: Treasure Chests passive from Excavation line is also helpful because it allows you to spot chests faster. 


3. Crafting

Crafting can be very lucrative if you make and sell the right items. Spell Power and Weapon Power potions sell very well and are always in demand. You can also sell some specific crafted sets at a good price. Before you can make a lot of gold with Crafting, you will have to spend time and gold, but it is a reliable way of earning gold in ESO.


Furnishing crafting is also very profitable as long as you can afford the materials cost and have the skills.


4. Harvesting Crafting Materials

Farming Crafting materials and selling them to Crafters is a good method because some materials are expensive and will fetch a great price. Using a dedicated character at speed cap is often the best way to harvest materials. 


To harvest materials of higher value, you will have to invest skills points in Crafting skills. Master Gather and Plentiful Harvest stars in the Craft constellation can also help you make more gold with this method.


5. Stealing

Stealing is always a fun way to make gold in TESO, and you can make a small fortune if you get the right loot. A dedicated Thief build is required to be effective when stealing. 


Stealing is especially profitable for new zones. With this method, you can find new motifs and more items to sell for a lot of gold. To get a better profit, be sure only to sell the most valuable items at a Fence.

10 Best Ways to Make Gold in ESO 2022 p1 buy eso gold

6. Converting Writ Vouchers to Gold

This is another method for Crafters, and it requires time investment before you can use it. Completing Master Writs rewards you with Writ Vouchers, which you can exchange for items and recipes that you can sell as they are or learn to create and sell the products.


7. Converting AP to Gold

This is the best way to make gold for PvPers – you can convert your hard-earned Alliance Points (AP) to items that sell well. There are a few ways to do that:


1. Buy items from The Golden Vendor – Adhazabi Aba-daro, a special NPC, who appears every weekend or on special occasions at the base of your Alliance in Cyrodiil. At the Golden Vendor, you can buy jewelry with AP and sell it to other players for gold. Not all items can be sold afterward, though. 


2. Buy Cyrodiil sets from Specialized Gear vendors in Bruma, Vlastarus, and Cropsford, then sell the pieces later to players.


3. Buy items from Battleground Supplies Merchants and sell them to players for gold.


8. Converting Tel Var to Gold

Use your Tel Var to buy items from vendors in your Alliance base in the Imperial City. You can collect Tel Var around the Imperial City (PvPvE zone) and use them to make a lot of gold. (Be careful of Gankers!)


Hakeijo runestones and the Alchemy materials you get from Waxed Apothecary's Parcels are great items to sell for gold, but you can also sell pieces from sets of the area that require Tel Var.


9. Playing the Market

This method doesn't require you to farm anything. Instead, you are going to buy items and sell them higher. To play the market, you need to have an initial capital and a good understanding of the market. You also need to check Guild Trader in different towns to find items that are cheap and resell them for a better price. Getting assistance from market add-ons like TTC (Tamriel Trade Centre) can be helpful.


10. Farming Enemies

This is a way to get gold while earning experience. You'll want to farm in the areas with groups of Humanoid enemies (Humans and Elves, etc.) to make gold while leveling up.


Humanoid enemies carry more gold on them (more pockets), so it is better to focus on that type. Some great areas for this method include the Vile ManseObsidian Scar, and Razak's Whell Public Dungeons.


Those are the top 10 ways to make gold in TESO for 2022. Generally, to make a decent amount of money in ESO, you need to have time, the required skills, startup capital, and even some knowledge about the game's market. If you are a new player with limited gold-making options, buying ESO gold and items online is a good idea. 


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